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Over the years since its conception, the name Jaymic has become synonymous with quality, service, and innovation. Jaymic started from humble beginnings with the design of a clubman's race car in the 1960's. A name was needed for the car, an amalgamation of the company founder's wife's and his Christian names (Jayne and Michael). And so the name Jaymic was born. The company started trading in North Norfolk in 1973 in a garden shed and quickly expanded into a disused chicken farm at the old Overstrand station near Cromer, North Norfolk. Over the next few years the company expanded quickly and built new premises on a greenfield site at Cromer where Jaymic systems Ltd is still situated.

Jaymic developed into many varied facets of engineering over the years. Vehicle accident repairs, record breaking human powered machines, thermo modelling for atomic energy research, Sidewinder leaning motorcycle sidecar, classic BMW restoration and parts supply, BMW race and rally car preparation.

In 1995 Jaymic was one of first companies to look at the alternative fuels market in the UK and Jaymic quickly became a trusted name though out the UK and Europe for development, training, LPG conversions and the supply of LPG equipment to its trained dealer network.

By 1997 the supply and development of LPG fuel systems had become the core business of Jaymic and the premises at Cromer had to be revamped to cope with the demand.

Work was carried out with the Energy Savings Trust to convert the diesel engine in the London taxis to run on clean LPG. Taxis were converted and plied the streets of London for a number of years some still giving loyal service today.

With cooperation from Cranfield University Jaymic developed a new type of liquid gas injection system for LPG to be used on the London taxis

In October 2004 the business was subject to a management buy out and split up into its various facets. The core Business LPG was Purchased by Stephen Chambers & Martyn Soer, and so Jaymic systems Ltd began, Since their acquisition they have forged ahead and developed the business.

Jaymic systems Ltd is a founder member of UKLPG (LPGA) and now sits on the Autogas Management Team reporting directly to Government. They work closely with Zavoli Srl of Italy their chosen supply company in developing bespoke LPG conversion systems for various vehicles.

Ambulances, fleet vans, boats, driving school cars, taxis and privately owned vehicles have all been converted to LPG by Jaymic systems Ltd. The LPG fuel systems for the worlds first LPG powered super car the Breckland Beira was developed by Jaymic systems Ltd.

Fleet vehicles are also catered for and many fleet operators are pleased with the savings they have made with either: complete conversions carried out by Jaymic systems Ltd or systems supplied to their local trained installers.

Technical back-up for all the LPG equipment that Jaymic Systems Ltd sell is just a phone call to 01263 517070. Both Steve and Martyn have been installing and instructing installers for many years and have a wealth of experience between them. Both being on the UKLPG Installers Committee, Importers Committee as well as being a Approved Installers training school.

Jaymic Systems are committed to providing the most cost effective LPG conversion equipment.

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